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Preparing for your maternity photo session - 5 important tips

Having maternity photos done is such a great investment! This time will fly by so quickly and having these memories will be something you and your little one will cherish.

Here are some important tips to prepare you for a great session!

Tip #1 - Pick the best time to do the photos

I often get asked "when is the best time in the pregnancy to do photos?"

Every woman is different! Every body is different! Picking the best time frame for photos can be tricky. You want to be showing enough to look pregnant in the photos, but you don't want to wait so long that you begin to feel uncomfortable or start to swell. For me, the best time was definitely in my second trimester, as i was showing early, am of small frame and build and got a bit puffy in the last few months of pregnancy. For other women, right up to 39 weeks can work! Know your body and make a decision as to what is going to work best for you. Most women do their photos in week 32-36.

One quick note - don't wait too long! I've had 2 women book their maternity sessions last minute and then they went into labour that night and never got to do the photos.

Tip #2 - Wear something that accentuates your bump

This goes without saying, but occasionally I have someone show up for their session in layers or something so loose that we have a hard time seeing their bump! This is the time to wear something fitted and stretchy and show off your belly! Solid colours are best.

I typically take photos close up of the belly as well to accentuate the bump.

I have a small but growing collection of gowns available for use during my clients sessions too!

Beautiful Baby Bump - Maternity Photography

Tip #3 - Include your family

These are your last few months before a new family member arrives. Use your photo session to remember your family as it is today and capture all the excitement that goes along with it.

Tip #4 - Pick a location that speaks to you and your style

We don't all want to wear long gowns and pose in the forest! Think about your interests and lifestyle and choose a spot that will reflect that.

Downtown photos can be amazing! Maybe a lifestyle shoot in your home captures your personality best. Think about where you will be most comfortable and capture photos that you will LOVE!

Tip #5 - Have your hair and makeup professionally done

This tip applies to all photo sessions! No, i will not put makeup on you in Photoshop (yes, i've been asked, LOL). You will want to look (and feel) your best for your session. So take the time to pamper yourself, something that might happen a lot less often after the baby comes!

PS. A gift certificate for your photo session's hair & makeup can make a GREAT shower gift (tell your friends!!).

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