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How to make your family mini session a success!

So you booked a family mini session, now what? Here are some tips and information about how to prepare and what to expect from your session.

Calgary Family Photographer

What exactly is a family mini session?

A family mini session is a quick 15-20 minute photoshoot. Families love them because they can update their photos for about half of the cost of a full session, and they are pretty easy and painless.

I do my family photo sessions around Calgary in some of the most beautiful parks and other areas.

What to expect from my mini session workflow:

All poses are done looking at the camera and also NOT looking at the camera. I know that seems weird, but I like to get both looks to choose from. Be prepared to interact, talk to each other, giggle and laugh for that candid look.

Calgary Family Photographer

You might hold a pose for awhile while I come in for the details. I love getting close up with tiny faces and details.

Be prepared to crouch, sit, lay down and stand. Bring a blanket if you like! Sometimes its nice to wrap this around everyone as well.

I like to get a shot of mom and dad alone. You know, how it all started ;) My clients are often startled when I ask for this shot. "Just US??" haha, yes, and these are often my favourites.

If all goes well and we have time left, we also try to do Individual portraits of each family member.

If all goes well, typical session include about 50-60 proofs for you to choose from.

Here are some other tips to help with your session:

  1. Dress in comfortable coordinated clothes that you can sit, kneel and stand in.

  2. Avoid white and distracting patterns. Pick warm neutrals or colours that go with the season.

  3. Prepare the kids! Make sure they know what to expect and practice how to smile. I also pass no judgement if bribes are involved.

  4. Have fun! I always have fun with my families being silly and trying my best to solicit smiles and laughter. Let go of the need to be perfect and let me capture your family as you ARE! Be real and I promise your photos will be amazing. Just have fun!

Send me a message to find out when my next mini session dates are!



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