There can be no doubt, being a new parent can be overwhelming! This is especially true in those first few weeks. After having my first, I remember the exhaustion and fatigue the comes with a newborn baby. I can relate with you. I want you to know, it will get easier!

I also remember stressing over my newborn session (and I also did an in-home lifestyle session with my son). I felt so tired, my body still looked pregnant and thinking about preparing for photos just seemed so hard!

Don't stress.

It will all be worth it and I promise to make it as easy as possible. Lifestyle newborn sessions are a relaxed and laid back way to document your new arrival, either in the comfort of your own home or in one of my beautiful studio options!

Preparing for your session

  1. If you want your baby to be sleepy, give them a bath the AM of the session - this helps to stimulate them and keep them awake for a bit. They will also smell lovely when you snuggle them. Please note, babies do not need to be asleep for these sessions. Awake is totally fine too!
  2. Feed your baby prior to the session, if possible.
  3. Dress your baby in simple sleepers or onesie shirts, nothing complex and I recommend no "outfits" as they usually don't photograph well and get rumpled. Constantly fixing baby's bow tie or tutu can stimulate the baby and make them unhappy (which doesn't make for great images). Think about timeless images in neutral, earthy and classic tones. Please note that I do not work with props, nor do bring anything (other than my camera) to your session.

Extra Tips:

  • If you are breastfeeding, skip your coffee the morning of your session. You can pick up a Tim's on the way! Also, try to avoid any gas producing foods 24-48 hours before your session. A gassy baby is a fussy baby. Here is a great article if you want more info:
  • Please avoid visitors or making appointments for your session day. I recommend making the photo session the main event of the day! Schedule your day around it and order in, or make the day as easy as possible otherwise.
  • Your outfit choice is yours alone but I sometimes get asked for suggestions. I like neutral tones (think about the colours of your home too) and comfortable clothing. Even plain tshirts and jeans are great for these images! Try to avoid white and black if possible.

In home sessions

Prepare Your Home! Please have a few areas of the home that you would like to use for your session. I like areas with windows and natural light. We usually use the livingroom, parents bedroom and nursery. Remove clutter or things you don't want in the photos :) Don't worry about cleaning your whole house, its not at all necessary.

For studio sessions

Try to arrive on time. I know this is hard and I normally wouldn't ask it of someone after just having a baby, but I've booked the studio for an allotted time and lateness will cut into our total session time. Aim for 15 minutes early and you should be good! That being said, if you are late and it can't be helped, do not worry. I understand and will do my best with the time we have together :)

Remember to pack extra diapers, outfits (blowouts happen) and formula (if using).